In preparation for Black History month, we will continue going over the songs posted last month. Again, majority of the songs are taken from G.E. Patterson’s “Singing the Old Time Way” album. This month, there are no changes from January. We will continue on the current track laid until March.

  • Sweet Jesus, He’s the Lily of the Valley (opening song) (Yes Lord) – Vol 1
  • I’m So Glad that the Lord Saved Me/Real, Real, Jesus is Real to Me (Opening Song) – Vol 1
  • Walk With Me (Main Selection) (Yes Lord) – Vol 2
  • I’m Going to Live So God Can Use Me /Glory Glory Hallelujah / Jesus I’ll Never Forget (Opening Song) – Vol 1
  • He Never Has Left Me Alone (Main Selection) Vol 1
  • I Know the Lord Will Make A Way(Main Selection) Vol 2
  • Allen Choir Track 9,10,11 (Opening Song) (I will put together a CD for musicians)
  • Just Another Day/I Shall Never Let Go His Hand (Main Selection) Vol 1

If we have time in any rehearsal, we will continue to work on “I’ll Just Say Yes” and “Are You Ready”.