Georgia Mass Choir
Joy, joy, God’s great joy. 
Joy, joy, down in my soul; 
sweet, beautiful, soul saving joy,
Oh, joy, joy in my soul.
Verse 1[LEAD]: 
Early in the morning, before the break of day, 
I asked the Lord to make me whole. 
He holds me and the Lord keeps me; 
Oh, joy, joy in my soul.
Verse [LEAD]:
When I get weak and I can’t go on, 
I feel all my hope, all my joy is gone. 
Late in the midnight hour I talk to my God 
and He gives me joy. Oh, joy, joy in my soul.
Verse [LEAD]: 
One of these ol’ mornings, it won’t be very long, 
You just might look for me, but I’m going on home; 
I’m going up to glory where I’m gonna sing and shout, oh joy
Oh joy, joy in my soul. 
Bridge: follow the director
Oh joy, joy in my soul. [x3] Oh joy [x4]
The Master’s joy. 
My Savior’s joy. 
The lily of the valley, joy. 
Alpha and Omega, joy. 
In the midnight hour, joy. 
He gives me strength and power, joy. 
No food on the table, joy. 
I know that He is able, joy 

Oh, joy, joy in my soul.