Well, I’ve already been to the water (already been to the water)
And I’ve already been baptized (already been baptized)
You know I’ve already been converted (already been converted)
And I feel ( I feel, I feel, I feel alright)
Ever since (Ever since I’ve given up sin, Hallelujah been born again, Hallelujah been born again)
You see I stepped in the water (The water)
The water was a little cold (was cold)
Chilled my natural body (my body)
But it didn’t disturb my soul (my soul)
Then I moved on out (on out)
Into the mighty deep (the deep)
The water it came a moving (it moved)
Up around my feet (my feet)
Then I stepped a little bit further (a little further)
And lit, lit, lit, a little further (a little further)
And lit, lit, lit, a little further(a little further)
Till it came around my waist (my waist)
Let me thank you Jesus for your amazing(‘mazing grace)
You see he saved me (he saved me)
He saved me (he saved me)
He filled me with (he saved me)
The Holy Ghost (he saved me)
Now aren’t you glad (he saved me)
He saved your soul (he saved me)
Can I get a witness (Yes)
Can I get a witness (yes)
Can I get a witness (Yes)
Just one more Witness (Yes)
Wait a minute, what’s his name (Jesus)
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